DIY Microscope

I created a microscope platform that could be used for the DIY microscope and iphone microscope.

I included an led light below the slide platform so the specimen would be illuminated from the top and below.  I also did a comparison between my DIY camera and my own lab grade microscope and the results were quite amazing. The DIY microscope’s photography compared way better than the microscope, but the microscope had a 2MP camera that doesn’t  take such good pictures. But in future if i have larger specimens, the DIY camera will be a better solution for photography.

[vimeo 111457336 w=740 h=493]

Protocell under microscope from AnnA KollA on Vimeo.

Images of DIY microscope:

Images from DIY Microscope:

Images from Amscope B120c with 2MP camera.