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[Final Project Proposal] Re-actor

Our project is divided into two parts.

The first part is an audio boom box that references the boomboxes of the 1980’s with a handle and speakers but instead of blasting radio it is pulling sound from electronic frequencies in the air using a coil mic. It is useful for exploring electronic frequencies but we are also interested in capturing audio that is interesting and beautiful.


The second part of the project involves being able to control the boombox wirelessly from a laptop. The boombox can be carried or sent using a robot so that we can send the device undetected by security and below some surveillance techniques.

here is a great inspiration on Multirobot systems for EMF monitoring:


There are these DIY robots that move around:


However we want to make everything from scratch. For the robot we will be using Adruino Yun to control the robot over wifi. Please watch the video for the current progress. We were able to control the motor on Audruino Yun:


Here is also an example of the sound that was picked up by a Coil Pickup Mic




{midterm} [Update] documentation et al.

Lucille: Project Narratore – Leah: Design Prototyper – Nima: Technologist
photo 1

As we expanded our research, our decision is to make an object that would confuse the smell, touch, vision and voice senses.

The important design concept here is to take the user as part of the circle, by just letting her touch the object to trigger the functions.



[a great inspiration to watch:]


{Mobile Lab} Implantable Telescope Technology

1_4_1LGI have Keratoconus and I want to make a mobil lab that will solve the problem of wearing HARD contact lenses everyday.




the solution that came up to my mind after visiting NYU optical school and calling my doctor in Los Angeles:

The cornea is taking a blurry image into the eye, so if I can manipulate the image before entering the cornea in a way that would match with the blurry pattern of the Low Vision, I may solve the problem for the correct projection.

photo 2


Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.28.45 PM

this video is the latest solution used by my doctor —-> Introducing the Telescope Prosthesis: Mechanism of Action

{midterm} sense yourself silly [proposal] Leah, Lucy and Nima

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 6.32.29 PM


Group: Leah Fried, Lucille Morcos, Nima Behravan

Inquiry: How can we make people feel disconnected from objects they are connected to.

With this mobile lab we will create a way to mix the five senses to either deter or encourage interaction with an object the user is connected to. Would mixing the senses act as a wedge in the connection they already feel to those objects. Is connection to these objects vital? If the sense of look, feel, smell, sound or taste are altered, will the affect the attachment to them? Will this create negative or positive emotions in the user and how strongly will they feel these emotions? By exploring these questions, we can develop a mobile lab that makes your senses utterly confused. To create this lab we are considering using both physical and digital elements. Our ideas include: For physical aspects: textures, filters, sensors. For digital: cameras, speakers, projections.







two cultures and the scientific revolution

I found this writing very interesting for confronting the the scientific approach versus social understanding of issues that we tend to overcome in our career as designers. I have an engineering background and I always looked for more in-depth explanation of how we approach our projects, and I think the author had a great influence of our perception in this regard. Also I read Herbert A. Simon for another class this week, I think these two reading had a mutual content and it could be useful to take a look at it :

“understanding the natural and artificial worlds”


{Intro} Nima Behravan

I have a masters of Engineering Management from University of Southern California. Also my bachelor is in Material Science and Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Iran.  I also work at Library of International Center for Photography(ICP), and my work is on archiving photobooks and research about news of publishing world. Here you can find my blog:  http://nimabeh.wordpress.com/



I chose this class because I want to interact with physical computing and making objects with inquiries.  I came to this program to improve my self-design abilities as I was working with lots of engineering designed solutions throughout my career before.Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 2.26.52 AMread more on the obligation to self-design here: