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Biofabricate Symposium




















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Annelie and I were both involved in Biofabricate last week. The event was a full day of talks and workshops with speakers involved in biofabrication of future materials for products and industry.

Annelie helped to organize the event and I worked with Genspace in designing and setting up  a pop up lab for people to come and interact with some of the material being talked about i the conference.

Artists and designers had projects displayed which used grown material and the building blocks life to  manufacture objects and material.

I had some work displayed within the pop up labs exhibition area of Genspace members projects.





Genspace Pop Up Lab

We wanted to create a space where people could come and interact with some of the materials being presented in the conference.






Fungal Shoes

How can we utilize fashion to create new understandings of the bodies interaction with biomaterials?

Fungal Shoes offer a new foot fungus; a type of foot covering that can begin to transform our relationship with fungi. Negative connotations of feet and fungus can be reshaped through the growth of mycelium shoes, allowing for new sustainable methods to create objects accepted within culture. Fungal shoes were grown in the lab, using a mycelium culture grown using DIY methods from a grocery store mushroom. They are displayed in progress to highlight the process of growth and show the steps involved in mycoproduction.

{midterm} [Update] documentation et al.

Lucille: Project Narratore – Leah: Design Prototyper – Nima: Technologist
photo 1

As we expanded our research, our decision is to make an object that would confuse the smell, touch, vision and voice senses.

The important design concept here is to take the user as part of the circle, by just letting her touch the object to trigger the functions.


[a great inspiration to watch:]