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Drunk Hunt : A Drinking Game

Drunk Hunt

Lucy Morcos & Leah Fried

A drinking game for all. The premise is still safe, drunken fun but is less about your safety and more about the fun. We are inquiring how you can turn someones BAC level into something for your and everyone else’s selfish enjoyment.

Breakdown of the game:

The game can have 2-4 players (could be unlimited but we only made 4) racing against one another to collect the most drunk people as possible.

The player must wear two things :

1. The headband which features one small and one large LED light strip and one mq-3 alcohol gas sensor.

2. The fanny pack (Look Ma! No hands!) holds the potentiometer, button, Arduino and the rest of the batteries and wires.

The objective of the game is to run around and find drunk people, guess how drunk they might be, get them to breathe into your headband, use the potentiometer to make an educated guess of the value (Sober <—> Drunk) and press the button.

The breath sensor is located above the wearer’s ear, so they quite literally have to whisper drunken nonsense into your hear in the most awkwardly, flirtatious way possible. The tiny LED strip (3 pixels) is right above the sensor and displays a color value that matches the BAC value. This is to give the drunk person an idea of what their level is. If it’s blue, they’re pretty sober. If it’s red, they should go to a hospital. etc

The knob and button are located on the front of the fanny pack (because this game needed to be more awkward). So you can have free hands.

What happens?

If you guessed correctly, you get a point! The point will be displayed on the larger light strip by two illuminated LED pixels.

If you guessed incorrectly, nothing happens!

First one to get a total of 6 points (12 LED pixels total) your head band will go into PARTY MODE (rainbow flashing lights) and is declared the WINNER.

Quick code breakdown:

The code works in a pretty simple way. The values are read from both the potentiometer and the breath sensor. There is a switch case that is determined by their amount of points. If the button is pressed while the two values are in the same range, it moves up a case.

Video of the first time we got it to properly add points and respond to our code:

Leah modeling it:

leahwearstechnology leahwearstechnology2