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Final Proposal Wes & Sam – Disorientation Helmet

As we navigate through the day we give very little thought to how we turn our head to view the world.  How we move our heads to view the world is second nature to us and is a very subconscious movement at times.  Saman and I wish to turn this on it’s head.


Experiment: Using the oculus rift and a web camera we are going to change up how the user looks at the world.  When you turn your head to the left, a camera mounted on servos will turn to the right, shifting the feed in the rift to the right.  Every which way you turn your head will be mirrored and reversed by the camera feeding the rift.

This will force users to have to carefully think about how to orient their head to see the objects they are after.





Arduino, gyroscopes, magnetometer, accelerometers, servos, a webcam and some motors


The camera will be mounted on a device worn on the chest.


Tale of Two Cultures

CP Snow’s lecture on the Two Cultures is a piece on the divide that had grown between scientists and literary intellectuals at the time.  His perspective is interesting in that he was trained a scientist but was a writer in craft giving him a unique bridge between the two worlds.  Snow felt that this divide first really showed itself during the industrial revolution.  He also parallels this with the sharp increase in wealth inequality that also stemmed from this “gilded age.”

In a sense I see him identifying the “non-industrialized” writers with the poor, while the “industrialized” scientists more in line with the rich, as scientific education is certainly less accessible than reading and writing.  And that to bridge this divide an overall increase in education is needed.

I found it particularly poignant that he believed this inequality could not last as people wouldn’t stand for such an injustice if they had knowledge of it.  This was in the 50’s when the top end tax rate of the US was at it’s highest and the extremely wealthy paid a tax rate of well over 50%.  Nowadays with the lower tax rates in the US this wealth gap has ballooned to it’s greatest heights since the start of the industrial revolution with no end in site.  I don’t see this gap every truly going away as whenever there is a revolution, the leadership of said revolution has historically always taken over the role of the new wealthy elite and the cycle of inequality begins anew.

Portable Bacterial Testing kit


Test for bacteria amounts and types in manhattan subway stations.  This would be accomplished with an all in one bacterial testing kit.   It would be similar to a backpack, but have an incubator built in.  Also there is a compartment to keep swabs, petri dishes, test tubes, and the various chemical solutions used to detect certain types of bacteria





Micro Q portable incubator:

Home science tools bacteria experimentation kit:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 6.57.20 PM


Rapid Pool Bacteria test kit: made for pools but can be applied to anything


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 6.58.11 PM


Future Steps: Would then create a visualization of the test results pertaining to each subway station.  For future fun i would also then like to experiment with training the bacteria to react to various stimuli.

For the training i was inspired by this video of bacteria building a pyramid:

Hi I’m Wes



Hi i’m Wes, I’m a 1st year MFADT student.  I went to school for math and physics.  The past few years I was working in the digital advertising industry as an analytics director.  I’ve always been fascinated in astronomy and this curiosity my goals and interests quite heavily.  I am very interested in learning how to make interactive installations as well as creating my own “tools” and wearables that enhance and augment my reality.


I’m quite interested in interactive educational astronomy.  When the iPad first came out I downloaded many astronomy apps and star chart apps to explore and learn more.  One of my favorites is Star Walk: