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Final Project Proposal- Leah and Lucy

How can we make drinking safe, while still fashionable?

We are creating a bracelet that also functions as a breathalyzer. It is more personal and compact than a traditional, handheld breathalyzer, with a more discreet purpose. We are hoping to make people aware of their intoxication before it is too late.  The more you drink, the more the bracelet will light up.  We are considering adding a switch as a function so it can function in drinking mode as well as in sober mode. Sober mode displays the lights in a pattern of the user’s choice. The purpose of sober mode is to allow the wearer to use the piece in a fun way while  also making their intoxication levels indistinguishable for safety/privacy reasons.

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Our inspiration comes from several other tech bracelets that have a tracking purpose


This fictional watch was personalized, convenient, and pretty damn nifty.


These Rebecca Minkoff bracelets have a bluetooth connection to your phone and lights up depending on who is contacting you.


The Fitbit is a watch that syncs with your phone, that tracks heart rate, activity, and calories burned

Response: CP Snow, Two Cultures

In 1961 C.P. Snow wrote an essay called, “The Two Cultures,” in which he described a separation between those in science and those in artistic intellectual pursuits. He didn’t see either side as being concerned with his fellow man and bettering their lives. He said that science without the input of humanities lead to the gates of Auschwitz. It is possible to justify that thinking as we witnessed science developing efficient gas for the slaughter that took place there and their describing the genetic defects in the Jews, to be solved only by their extermination.

At he same time American scientists are working on building an atomic bomb, which would be so powerful that by using it and destroying a huge population we would bring an end to the war we were in with Japan. To consider the previous statement as being true for all scientists would be false. At the same time destruction was occurring there were scientists working on discovering penicillin. World War II brought about so many wounded and losing limbs it caused scientists to improve medical knowledge and humanistic purpose.

The existence of the times of the suffering of millions through disease, war, water shortage, and starvation elicited creative writers to state that life is a tragedy. “We live alone and die alone.” We think of ourselves and our little problems while others starve.  There were scientific literary references such as  “the world ends not with a whimper but with a bang,” There is an effort for the two groups to try and understand one another but the differences don’t disappear. In religion and politics they go from irreligious and liberal to religious and conservative. Snow feels that emotionally they are more alike. He stated that they younger ones see social progress through science.

The elimination of Polio is an example as is the doctors and nursed working with Ebola patients in Africa. Five doctors have died by treating the disease. The potential is there for repairing the world. Unfortunately the ability to cause more brutal harm and destruction by using chemicals and unmanned drones is also there. The hope for peace never dies. The struggle goes on. As does the dreams of the young person off to college for the first time, trying to decide what he or she will do with their lives. How will they specialize? Does this specialization deepen the rift between science and art? Certainly there is a need for the two to learn from one another. Leaders who are sensitive to the need for both sides to pool their skills will help solve the separation.

Snow saw into the future understanding the need for scientists and writers to join in their dedication to social needs. Since he was part of both worlds he had an insight that wasn’t available to those who participated in only one of the professions. Rather he found a lack of communication that was practically ignorance in relation to one another.

Mobile Lab


My idea is to create a belt that attaches to a scuba suit that collects water samples to test the CO2 levels in the water before they are exposed to air, which may tamper with the results. This is to make sure that the water is a safe environment for all of the sea life down below!

The bottom of the vials collect the water sample, and the lids hold the solvent that test CO2 levels. Once a sample is collected, the cap is pressed down and the solvent is released into the water and the results can be revealed through the clear tubing.

Hi, I’m Leah!


Hi, I’m Leah! I’m a first year MFA Design and Technology student! For my undergraduate degree, studied at Yeshiva University where I majored in Studio Art.  I love building things and seeing how things work  and since my background is more design based, I am beyond excited to learn P-COMP! I am interested in EVERYTHING, but  more specifically interactive design, and P-comp right now. I love studying human/animal relationships in different environments, reading the Science Times, Tim Burton, monsters, toy design and anything absurd!


I am really inspired by a Asimo, a robot created by Honda.  He is the first robot that has human-like characteristics: the shape of a human body, joints connecting his robot limbs,  not only voice command, but voice and facial recognition AND he is airborne when he runs.


Another inspiration, is a pointless contraption from the movie Despicable me, The Fart Ray Gun.  Although there is no importance to the fart ray, the humor behind this maniacal device is pure brilliance.