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The Shoes Charger Midterm Presentation

The shoe Charger Midterm Presentation

Jay Hsiao, Felix and Sam

About the Project!

A lot of people waste their energy walking and not making any use of it. So why not recycle it? We’ve come up with an idea to turn that energy into electrical energy to charge a portable charger. Our idea is to make a shoe that uses thermal energy and convert it into electrical energy while walking, and use that energy to charge a portable charger that is plugged into the shoe. When the user is out of energy on their phone or tablet, they can use the portable charger to charge their devices after walking a certain amount of time after charging their portable charger.

What I do for this project was I did some sketching on the sample of the shoes in order Felix and Sam to have an idea how the would look like once we install the device in it.


Materials used for the project was Arduino.

Diagram-2-168x300 Diagram-11-300x168

And here are the two sketches I did for the shoe,

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2

And here’s how it would look like once we install the device


As you can see, there are two ways to place the charger. One way is to place the charger in the sole of the shoe. The person can easily plug it in and take it out with ease. Another option is to place the charger on the back of the shoe. The plug will be sewn in and stick out for the person to plug it in.


The heel of the foot will push down pressure for energy which will convert into electrical energy and charge the battery in the shoe.



In the end, we were able to make a prototype that works that can turn thermal energy into electrical energy to charge a portable charger. With this, we continue to move forward with this idea and have it built in a shoe for further testing.


We plan to continue on working on the concept of the idea to charge a portable charger through thermal or kinetic energy but in different ways besides walking.

The Battery Shoe Charger



Jay Hsiao, Felix Anderson, Saman Tehrani

So, we are changing our original idea to something different, a lot more simple than previously. Our idea is to make a shoe that charges a portable battery to charge your phone. A lot of people waste energy walking, or doing something constructive. Well, why not use that energy? We will take thermal energy, the wasted energy from walking and convert it into electric energy to store in the portable battery, so that way when a person is running low on battery life and has nowhere to charge their phone, they can take the portable battery out of their shoe and start to charge their phone that way. The concept is a portable battery will be stored seamlessly in the shoe or the in the sole, and every time you walk, it recharges the battery. Hopefully, our device will be used for many devices in one, such as the iPhone, Android, HTC, and tablets. This is a useful device, and something people can make use everyday. People walk and use their phones majority of their time, so we have thought of combining the two, which go hand in hand.


We will meet every Tuesday to work and talk about the project.

Find research about the technologies used to convert thermal energy into electrical energy and fully understand the concept.

Start testing on the product. Illustrate an idea of how it would work and implement in the shoe.

Have a prototype that works complete.

Things we need:


Hi everyone!


Hi! My name is Jay. I’m currently majoring in Communication Design. I’m passionate about editorial design in terms of magazine layout. And I also find information design really interesting. This is the project I did in the past. It’s about a food magazine, I like working with graphic design and how to make them visually interesting in order to catch audiences attention. And my objective of this project is to create a food magazine with elegant appealing graphic style.  What I wish to learn from this class is to have a basic and fundamental knowledge on how technology and design works.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.39.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.40.02 PM

Inspiration  (A Year in Iraq)


It’s a visualization of fatalities related to the War in Iraq. I thought this was really simple yet easy to understand and the use of color is brilliant. The relation between the two sources work really well together, and I can tell the designer did a lot of research on this project which makes this project really valuable.