Green Wall

Team: Jimmy Tang, Ziqu Zou, Norma Chan

Final Project:

We purpose to build an Algae Carbon Dioxide Scrubber for our final project. Algae carbon dioxide scrubber is a device absorbing and filtering carbon dioxide (CO2). Some of the usage existing are from industrial plants (filter pollution exhausted) or spacecrafts for astronauts (life support system). We strive to re-purpose this method to be accessible and sustainable within a home setting. By using greener material to filter air, we could possible reduce a higher degree of carbon footprint. Could this device be designed as part of the blueprints of our homes?


Breathing is fundamental for humans. animals and plants to stay alive. Do you know what exactly we are breathing into our bodies? The air in the city is different then rural locations. The inventions of the city: cars, electricity, air condition, and heat create bad gases which pollutes air.  Air pollution are poisonous and may be dangerous for the human body. What we described above are happening outdoors with the most populated and developed cities. However, air pollution may also occur within the warmth of our homes called indoor air pollution. The level of pollution indoor may be lower then outdoor. Fresh paint, burning of fuel such as coal, gas, in heaters, stoves and ovens may cause indoor air pollution. The home must be ventilated by opening the windows or use a fan to reduce indoor air pollution.

By using algae as biofuel, we may create world’s supply of oil, while decreasing amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Algae may also be used as food or fertilizer. This project is not only sustainable, but also adaptable to fit inside of the home environment.

Where is it used?

Algae Carbon Dioxide Scrubber (ACDS) are often used by hobbyists in saltwater and freshwater pound aquarium to simulate an environment like nature. Just like oceans, ACDS uses natural filtering process.

Using algae to reduce CO2 is a known algae-based “Carbon Capture Technology”. Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) is a process to capture CO2 from a large source, transporting it to a storage site, and depositing usually underground where it would not enter the atmosphere. Factories and power plants may also maintain their own ACDS to filter industrial pollutants and gases. Algae may use these power plant exhausts to generate green-oil and fuel.

How it works?

Algae scrubber depends on light to grow algae. The carbon dioxide consumed by algae would release oxygen.

Prototype 1:

The first prototype is a portable breathing device created with a glass bottle, tube, and an oxygen mask. A hole is made on the top to feed through the tube connecting to the algae and oxygen mask.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.02.36 PM

Prototype 2:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.29.32 PM