Hi everyone!


Hi! My name is Jay. I’m currently majoring in Communication Design. I’m passionate about editorial design in terms of magazine layout. And I also find information design really interesting. This is the project I did in the past. It’s about a food magazine, I like working with graphic design and how to make them visually interesting in order to catch audiences attention. And my objective of this project is to create a food magazine with elegant appealing graphic style.  What I wish to learn from this class is to have a basic and fundamental knowledge on how technology and design works.

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http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2008/01/06/opinion/06opchart.ready.html  (A Year in Iraq)


It’s a visualization of fatalities related to the War in Iraq. I thought this was really simple yet easy to understand and the use of color is brilliant. The relation between the two sources work really well together, and I can tell the designer did a lot of research on this project which makes this project really valuable.