Birce an Steph – Week One Progress

After thorough research, we moved ahead into the prototyping and experimental phase.

We sourced materials:


Water Pump

Waterproof Fabric (nylon)

And we experimented with these materials to test our idea. We drilled holes in the tube and pumped water through it. We mimicked how the tube would be situated on the neckline to test how the water would flow and drop of the tube. We also wanted to test if the water would bead off the fabric in the way that we wanted. The tests were pretty successful.

water drip 01 water drip 03 water drip 02


Since we want the water to be fluorescent we are also experimenting with dyeing the water with the ink of a highlighter. When a UV light is shined on the water, it should glow in the dark. We want the water dripping from the tube to glow to mimic the bioluminescent phytoplankton. We are thinking of two ways to incorporate the UV light. 1) Shine the UV flashlight on the dress when the lights are off. 2) incorporate LED UV lights into the tube neckline that turns on when the user feels stressed.

highligher 01