Final Proposal Wes & Sam – Disorientation Helmet

As we navigate through the day we give very little thought to how we turn our head to view the world.  How we move our heads to view the world is second nature to us and is a very subconscious movement at times.  Saman and I wish to turn this on it’s head.


Experiment: Using the oculus rift and a web camera we are going to change up how the user looks at the world.  When you turn your head to the left, a camera mounted on servos will turn to the right, shifting the feed in the rift to the right.  Every which way you turn your head will be mirrored and reversed by the camera feeding the rift.

This will force users to have to carefully think about how to orient their head to see the objects they are after.





Arduino, gyroscopes, magnetometer, accelerometers, servos, a webcam and some motors


The camera will be mounted on a device worn on the chest.


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