Final Project Proposal- Leah and Lucy

How can we make drinking safe, while still fashionable?

We are creating a bracelet that also functions as a breathalyzer. It is more personal and compact than a traditional, handheld breathalyzer, with a more discreet purpose. We are hoping to make people aware of their intoxication before it is too late.  The more you drink, the more the bracelet will light up.  We are considering adding a switch as a function so it can function in drinking mode as well as in sober mode. Sober mode displays the lights in a pattern of the user’s choice. The purpose of sober mode is to allow the wearer to use the piece in a fun way while  also making their intoxication levels indistinguishable for safety/privacy reasons.

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Our inspiration comes from several other tech bracelets that have a tracking purpose


This fictional watch was personalized, convenient, and pretty damn nifty.


These Rebecca Minkoff bracelets have a bluetooth connection to your phone and lights up depending on who is contacting you.


The Fitbit is a watch that syncs with your phone, that tracks heart rate, activity, and calories burned