Sewing Workshop

sewing 2

Hey guys!

I’ll be leading a sewing workshop in class this Thursday. I’ll be teaching a super basic intro to sewing on the industrial machines. I will go over the terms used for different parts of the machine, such as presser foot, bobbin, and bobbin case. I will show how to properly operate and sew on the machine. I will show a small variety of stitching you can do.

Typically for sewing on the industrial machines at school, the required materials are: thread, needle, bobbin, bobbin case, thread clippers/scissors, ruler/tape measure and fabric. I will bring my materials to set up the machine and some fabric for everyone to try it out on. You don’t need to bring anything unless there is something specific you would like to work with.

email me if you have questions or want to request for me to demonstrate something specific that I have not mentioned.