Mobile Microscope

1 For the this assignment, I made a mobile microscope. It is small, handheld, and fully portable. With this simple microscope, you can now observe your surrounding in micro-scale.

Making:2 For materials, all we need is a tin can (with a removable lid) and a converted webcam.

3 4 First, cut off the clipping part of the webcam.

5 Then, drill a hole on the lid.

6 Cut off the excess part until the webcam can fit inside the hole.

7 Cut an opening on the can (so the usb cable can pass through).

Testing:10Connect the webcam to your computer. Open Photo Booth.

8Take the portable microscope up close to your object.

9 Now you can observe your object in micro-scale.

1When you are done, put the cable back in the can. You can carry it anywhere you go.