Hacked Webcam Microscope Stand

The process of hacking the webcam was very interesting and much easier than I thought it would be. Playing around with the microscope camera was a ton of fun and examined numerous objects under the lens including: knit sweater, iphone screen, lavender seeds, fingers, eyes, and hydras (before I killed an “immortal

microscope stand
Microscope Stand

The process of creating the stand was a little more frustrating as my knowledge of product design is quite limited. I laser cut plexiglass into two triangles with holes at each corner that could fit the acrylic rod tightly enough that it would not slip, but loose enough that it was still adjustable. I decided to utilize the clip provided on the webcam as another point of adjustment where one can slide it up and down the acrylic rod. microscope stand microscope stand


Microscopic images:

yarn filaments of a knit sweater
yarn filaments of a knit sweater
iPhone screen
Lavender Seed
Lavender seeds