Annelie Intro


By now you hopefully know that I am Annelie, second year MFA DT.

I am an architect by original profession, but I have also worked in film, publishing, advertising and installation design and I now find myself here at Parsons.

For my thesis I am investigating semi-living buildings and biofabrication. I believe that we are approaching an era where the built environment will be hybridised with biological matter. With this we will need to develop a new language of design, one for which we don’t have a vocabulary yet, and develop a new toolkit with which to design, build or grow  semi-living structures. In this new system we will not only have to address the changing relationship between human and the environment, but also human and matter as this architecture will not be made of inert construction materials, but with materials that come with the responsibilities of life.

I will be researching two areas of study: speculative construction tools and actual biofabrication.

I have found that the explanation of semi-living architecture as a concept is not being understood nor was the aesthetics of what I am proposing digested very well.  I wanted to find a way through which to use this new vocabulary and introduce the general public to the potential look and feel, but without the initial trepidation that goes with it. I realised that to change perspective one needs to use familiarity. I will thus make a series of tools that you would be able to  buy in the future hardware store, but by then it will most probably be called  a wetware store.

I also want to work with actual biomaterials and I have recently become a member at Genspace. Here I will continue my studies on chitin in Mycelia and hopefully Algae as well. I am hoping to develop bioplastics and also investigate the conductivity of mycelia.

I am currently also involved with the organisation of a conference called Biofabricate which will be held in December.

This is me….