Midterm Update – Growing for the Future

Team: Jimmy Tang, Ziqu Zou, Norma Chan

For this week, we experimented on different materials to grow plants. We wanted something can absorb a decent amount of moisture from our body (sweats, tears, etc), and still comfortable to our skin. We tested with various female hygiene products since they fit our requirements.

3The water absorbing material inside a sanitary pad. Dry, on the right; wet, on the left.

We planted different seeds on sanitary pads made from different brands.

IMG_0092We also planted seeds inside a tampon.

2Pad with alfalfa seeds inserted.

First production sketch. We were planing to place sanitary pads next to each other to create a bigger growing space.

1IMG_0154We tried out different placements of the pads onto a garment.

IMG_0156We successfully grew some wheatgrass on a pad.