Midterm – Growing For The Future

Team: Jimmy Tang, Ziqu Zou, Norma Chan

We propose to build a wearable device to grow plants on our body. Plants provides essential resource and nutrients for human well-being. We may often neglect the significance of plants and give little thought about it. Plants are the core and backbone of all life forms on Earth. The relationship of an urbanite may or may not have a close relationship to agriculture. Where we hunt for food are from the selective neat isle of the grocery store. How we could strengthen our relationship and appreciation for plants? By drawing plants relationship closer to us, literally we are growing plants on our body. We inquire if perspiration alone would be enough nutrient to feed our plants. This wearable device allow us to work with our physical body to generate food for plants. We are completing the cycle of food chain close to our skin.

We imagine there should be multiple layers of different materials to simulate an environment suitable to grow plants on a garment. The plant layer should be dry enough for the touch on the skin, yet absorbent enough to keep the roots moist. As one of the early iteration, we used an everyday household item: the sanitary pad to grow plants. Numerous brands and types of sanitary pads are tested to see which material is most suitable. We decided to use a product that remains thin and dry, yet the gel within its layers could trap enough moisture for the plants. In additional, we rigged holes to plant the seed to provide an opening for the sprout and plant to grow. So far, we have planted cat grass successfully.












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Final prototype:

imageWearable planter shirt.