10585338_1489029468046190_1702751437_nI begin to build my microscope stand by using acrylic sheets. The plates are held together by a set of washers and screws. The caps and ends hold the acrylic sheets in place so the height of the microscope stand can be adjusted.

I then moved on to build a microscope stand for my Aquafarm. I imagine the microscope position could be easily moved in a x-y plotter format. The first paper prototype printed was crucial to determine suitable measurements for each acrylic piece. Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.12.53 AM xyplotter

The next step for this project is to create a x-y plotter microscope that can be controlled by Arduino, where users are able to moved/rotated the microscope around the aquarium with a pair of Stepper Motor and Gear & Belt. I imagine this aquarium can be live-streamed and visitors to the website may control the physical controllers to view through the microscope on the browser.

I plan to house Sakura Shrimps, Mosses, and Snails in this Aquafarm.