{midterm} sense yourself silly [proposal] Leah, Lucy and Nima

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Group: Leah Fried, Lucille Morcos, Nima Behravan

Inquiry: How can we make people feel disconnected from objects they are connected to.

With this mobile lab we will create a way to mix the five senses to either deter or encourage interaction with an object the user is connected to. Would mixing the senses act as a wedge in the connection they already feel to those objects. Is connection to these objects vital? If the sense of look, feel, smell, sound or taste are altered, will the affect the attachment to them? Will this create negative or positive emotions in the user and how strongly will they feel these emotions? By exploring these questions, we can develop a mobile lab that makes your senses utterly confused. To create this lab we are considering using both physical and digital elements. Our ideas include: For physical aspects: textures, filters, sensors. For digital: cameras, speakers, projections.