C.P. Snow – The Two Culture

C.P. Snow, English physicist and novelist coined “the two cultures” in 1959 (Snow, 1). Snow’s concern is not so much of no shared intellectual culture (between scientific and literally scholars), but rather it puts danger to world’s problem.The three scope Snow identified are the invention of nuclear weapons (scientific advancement), over-population (scientific pairs with medical advancement), and finally widen the gap between rich and poor (advance of industrialization). It is evident that scientific and technology innovation have driven advancement in civilization. Science have provided more exciting ways for us to understand the natural world. Snow predicts it is possible to be educated in both science and humanities.

Industrialization widens the gap between relationships customer and the producer. The gap includes artificial perception and connection between people. For example, in the first world country, we get food from supermarket. Our understand to where the food source is from is usually unnoticeable. We invest so much scientific method into efficiency that maybe what matters the most for the benefit of the world is not important on the agenda.

A project I saw recently: Project Just, founded by Shahd AlShehail, Natalie Grillon, and Shruti Goins, it is a application/service to aim for transparency between designer and consumer. There are QR codes attached enables users to scan and to obtain information regarding the origin and manufacture history of the product.