Wearing your heart on your sleeve Project

Team: Birce Ozkan and Stephanie Hazlewood

Introduction: How can we represent emotions through a garment? How can we manipulate the response to negative emotions to be productive ones?

When feeling stressed rather than sulking in your stressed state, garment will visualize the body’s excitement as they both produce similar physiological reactions. However, excitement is perceived as the more productive emotion.  The garment will recondition the mind’s preconceived notions of each emotion.

Description: We will create a garment that has sensors (i.e blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse) that will detect certain emotions such as stress, sadness or anger. These emotions have similar physiological reactions to their counter-emotion.

Ex 1: Feet/hands shake when feeling stressed or excited

Ex 2: Cry when feeling sadness or joy

Ex 3: Chest puffs out when feeling anger or pride

We will mimic these reactions through the garment that will recondition the mind’s perception of each emotion.

Figure 1 Cardiac output (CO) and total peripheral resistance (TPR), heart rate (HR), and pre-ejection period (PEP) reactivity vary by emotion induction and self-report.


Technical goals: we will use arduino and use temperature, blood pressure, and pulse sensors as tools to map the emotions.

Adafruit’s Bluefruit LE bluetooth module will also transfer the data collected from the garment sensors to a mobile application.

Initial tech ideas for manipulating the garment:

(1) Thermochromic ink that reacts to temperature:


(2) Conductive memory garment that moves based on electric currents:


(3) Microfluids:



Garment Diagrams:






Aesthetic Experience and Comfort: ‘Object Playing with Movement’: A source of Comfort and Enjoyment by Eunjeon Jeong.

Garment forms and body interactions as a response to insecure situations. Designed and photographed by Eunjeon JeongGarment forms and body interactions as a response to insecure situations.


Climatology by Elaine Ng Yan Ling

Celebrating nature’s survival tactics is a new experimental smart textile series that is derived from the design concept of Naturology . Using the smartness of nature to create natural responsive movement.