superpowers based on weaknesses – mobile lab

Weakness Analyzer for the Allocation of Sensory and Psychological Enhancement

I aimed for the wordiest title possible.

To summarize, it’s a device that reads both sensory and psychological weaknesses and then goes on to allot a superpower based on the weakest points. By using this device, a person can change what is weakest about them and turn it into a superpower.

So for example, a person with weak vision wears the device. The device then reads this as their weakest point and gives the “superpower” ability using technology. That can result in magnification, thermal vision, infrared, night vision, etc. So they go from having weak eyes, to super powered eyes.

To sum up my inquiry: How can I make a device that tracks human weakness in an attempt to nullify it.

This is a quick sketch of my concept



Here are some precedents/inspirations:

We already have sensory enhancing devices. These sparked interest (and the first one I used as a template for my sketch):

emotiv_hero_626px EyeClops-Night-Vision-Goggles


Superheroes are of course an inspiration for superpowers. But especially those who use devices to bring out their superpowers. You wouldn’t mess with devices like these.



Baby hat mobile lab

IMG_9697 IMG_9699

I made this baby hat meant for 0-6 month olds. Obviously we can’t know what babies are thinking since they don’t have the ability to talk. One can gauge their thoughts and emotions based on reactions, but it is not always accurate. For instance a baby doesn’t really gain the ability to smile until 3 months old. Since they can cry, you know when they are upset, but you don’t always know when they are happy or excited. For instance, how do you know if a baby is actually enjoying the song you are singing to them? This hat has EEG sensors on the inside that would transfer the information immediately to a phone application to allow parents/caregivers to gauge a baby’s emotion more accurately. There are also small lights on the top of the hat that would light up when the EEG sensors detect that the baby is excited.

Mobile Lab Idea

Mobile Food Lab by Jimmy Tang
My mobile lab idea is a mobile food lab. With the mobile food lab, we can easily grow our own food no matter where we are. It provides some of the essential elements for plant growth – light, temperature,  and air circulation. From doing this project, I would like to know if we  can an we grow food in a urban setting and eliminate food miles completely.


For this paper prototype, I am combining different household items to set up this mobile food lab. It includes two CPU cooling fans (for air circulation), a yogurt maker (for providing constant heat), one 4-layer sprouted (as growing beds) and one clip light (for providing light).


Niwa growing system

Wearable planter by Colleen Jordan



Mobile Lab


My idea is to create a belt that attaches to a scuba suit that collects water samples to test the CO2 levels in the water before they are exposed to air, which may tamper with the results. This is to make sure that the water is a safe environment for all of the sea life down below!

The bottom of the vials collect the water sample, and the lids hold the solvent that test CO2 levels. Once a sample is collected, the cap is pressed down and the solvent is released into the water and the results can be revealed through the clear tubing.

Paper Prototype of Mobile Lab

Goal of the project: to track the PM 2.5 level throughout our daily activity with a small portable mobile device.
Challenge: How to make this lab small, easy to carry, easy to charge, can test Pm2.5, able to be uploaded to a database and doesn’t look scary to carry around in the public.

Because I need to carry this device on my body on my neck level, around the city especially the subway system. Therefore I need a form of disguise for the device to not look suspicious. What we see very frequently is that, a lot of people wear headphones around their necks even when they are not listening to music. Therefore, I am going to create the mobile lab in the form of headphones.


Below is a simple paper prototype to see if all of my devices would fit in the headphone.



Infrared Optical Dust Sensor
Data Logger
Battery (portable cell phone charger)
3D printed head phone or an existing big headphone to hack.