Air Quality Soundscapes Headphones

Team: Yuchen Zhang, Natasha Lewandrowski, and Agustin Crawford (Nevaris).

Description: For our midterm project we propose to build an urban air quality monitor that provides realtime audio feedback. Our goal is to create a portable particulate matter monitor that can be worn inconspicuously during regular daily activities. We will utilize the form and function of a pair a headphones to express air-quality information through sound while also keeping the device inconspicuous.

How will it work? We will use an optical dust sensor to monitor particulate matter in the air. The information from the monitor will be paired with location data and time data collected using GPS and stored in a data logger. The data logger will output the data as a .csv file which can later be used to create a complementary set of visual maps of air quality based on the wearer’s travels.

Production Schedule:

  • Today: Purchase materials (complete)
  • Due Sept 25: Create a functional prototype to test the optical dust sensor and see if we can record the information to the data logger.
  • Due Oct 2: Incorporate the GPS data and experiment with audio feedback.
  • Due Oct 9: Design the enclosure. Final design complete.
  • Due Oct 16: 3D print enclosure. Document project.
  • Due Oct  23: Present final project.


EPA dress
FLOAT Beijing
algaculture symbiosis suit designed by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta.

Smart Air Kite