Re:Cell – A mobile testing lab for disaster zone reconstitution.

We will create a mobile lab for rebuilding disaster affected areas by creating new materials and structures from the remnants. We aim to send in a probe to test the quality and chemical constitution of the remnants from where will be able to propose suitable biotechnological interventions to produce materials from which we can create new habitable environments.


Areas that we will be exploring include decellularization, mycelium and bioreactors as a start.

We are imagining that we will be able to create cellulose scaffold from the plant remains which will then be used to rebuild the environment. Or use decaying materials to grow mycelium which will produce biobricks on site and would not need to be transported to the areas in need. Natural bioreactor can also be built using the elements that we find.


Our mobile lab will contain the tools to test the environment, a probe that can venture into the disaster area without harming the lab operator and have starter cultures to produce the necessary biomaterials. The results we hope  will exist in symbiosis with the nature and the human and will allow for the quick and natural creation of new structures in post disaster areas.



Ali, Annelie & Wes