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Weakness Analyzer for the Allocation of Sensory and Psychological Enhancement

I aimed for the wordiest title possible.

To summarize, it’s a device that reads both sensory and psychological weaknesses and then goes on to allot a superpower based on the weakest points. By using this device, a person can change what is weakest about them and turn it into a superpower.

So for example, a person with weak vision wears the device. The device then reads this as their weakest point and gives the “superpower” ability using technology. That can result in magnification, thermal vision, infrared,¬†night vision, etc. So they go from having weak eyes, to super powered eyes.

To sum up my inquiry: How can I make a device that tracks human weakness in an attempt to nullify it.

This is a quick sketch of my concept



Here are some precedents/inspirations:

We already have sensory enhancing devices. These sparked interest (and the first one I used as a template for my sketch):

emotiv_hero_626px EyeClops-Night-Vision-Goggles


Superheroes are of course an inspiration for superpowers. But especially those who use devices to bring out their superpowers. You wouldn’t mess with devices like these.



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