Paper Prototype of Mobile Lab

Goal of the project: to track the PM 2.5 level throughout our daily activity with a small portable mobile device.
Challenge: How to make this lab small, easy to carry, easy to charge, can test Pm2.5, able to be uploaded to a database and doesn’t look scary to carry around in the public.

Because I need to carry this device on my body on my neck level, around the city especially the subway system. Therefore I need a form of disguise for the device to not look suspicious. What we see very frequently is that, a lot of people wear headphones around their necks even when they are not listening to music. Therefore, I am going to create the mobile lab in the form of headphones.


Below is a simple paper prototype to see if all of my devices would fit in the headphone.



Infrared Optical Dust Sensor
Data Logger
Battery (portable cell phone charger)
3D printed head phone or an existing big headphone to hack.