Mobile Lab Mockup

Here is a visual mockup of my mobile lab. My goal was to create a wearable mobile lab for exploring new lands through taking measurements and samples, and capturing documentation.


The text is hard to read from the images, so here is a rundown of the features as relates to the numbering in the diagrams:

  1. Positionable ear augmentation that are controlled using an EEG device under the hood. A microphone is also included on each side to record audio.
  2. An eye display similar to Google Glass. Also capable of recording audio/visual and taking voice notes. It can be controlled by voice or a touch pad located on one of the gloves.
  3. Interchangeable magnifying lenses (like a jeweler’s lens) for close up visual analysis.
  4. EEG located under the hood to monitor the wearer and control the direction of the ears.
  5. A measuring tape on the sleeve allows for quick estimations of size.
  6. A vibration sensor in the shoe detects nearby motion.
  7. A GPS tracker in the other shoe monitors the wearers position and automatically attaches this information to any images or voice notes.
  8. A scale in the shoe is zeroed to the wearer’s weight so that she can weight small objects by picking them up.
  9. A temperature sensor in the pointer finger of the left glove can be used to measure air and water temperatures.
  10. A humidity sensor in the index finger of the left glove takes humidity readings.
  11. A head-mounted flashlight makes for easy hands-free operation in the dark. It has regular white light and red light to protect the wearer’s night vision.
  12. A hand-mounted camera, also on the left hand can take images around corners,  up high, and in other places the eye display has trouble reaching.
  13. A processor and battery back operate all the electronics and store data for later analysis.
  14. Containers for samples are located on the outer portion of the boot.
  15. Small instruments such as tweezers and an eyedropper are stored in special holders on the breast of the jacket.
  16. A spotting scope is attached to a holder on the leg for viewing at longer distances. It is good for observing local fauna.
  17. A bite-activated drinking straw in the hood allows for hands-free drinking. A pouch of water is stored in the lining of the back of the jacket.
  18. A touch pad on the left glove can control the functions of the eye-display when the wearer cannot use her voice.
  19. A large cargo pocket on the right leg is used for storage
  20. A pocket knife (always an essential tool for exploring) is clipped to a jacket pocket.
  21. A robotic canary drone can perform visual reconnaissance. The video feeds back to the eye display for exploring hard to access areas remotely. It is controlled with the touch pad or by voice.


A spacesuit is basically a mobile lab/work suit for an extreme environment.
I am particularly interested in biology, so I looked to early naturalists like James Audubon and Charles Darwin for ideas of what to include in the lab. I did not include a gun, though. I prefer less damaging means of observation.
A company called Necomimi makes EEG controlled ears for cosplay. Why not make them actual ear augmentations?