Hi, I’m Leah!


Hi, I’m Leah! I’m a first year MFA Design and Technology student! For my undergraduate degree, studied at Yeshiva University where I majored in Studio Art.  I love building things and seeing how things work  and since my background is more design based, I am beyond excited to learn P-COMP! I am interested in EVERYTHING, but  more specifically interactive design, and P-comp right now. I love studying human/animal relationships in different environments, reading the Science Times, Tim Burton, monsters, toy design and anything absurd!



I am really inspired by a Asimo, a robot created by Honda.  He is the first robot that has human-like characteristics: the shape of a human body, joints connecting his robot limbs,  not only voice command, but voice and facial recognition AND he is airborne when he runs.



Another inspiration, is a pointless contraption from the movie Despicable me, The Fart Ray Gun.  Although there is no importance to the fart ray, the humor behind this maniacal device is pure brilliance.