Hi! I’m Ziqu


Hey! I’m Ziqu Zou, second year MFA DT. As a UX designer and Web developer, I am interested in every interaction and technologies related to the web. Last year, I learned PCOM in my first year MFA DT, I began to be drawn to the physical world and tried to combine my web skill with physical computing knowledge. I did a lot of internet of things projects last year. I will continually explore on this area this year, too. This semester, I wanna have more knowledge on tangible things to create product level project in the future. Also, I wanna learn basic skill of designing and creating the circuit board.



MYO is a band tracking your body movement by continually tracking your action current of muscle. Users can use MYO to control their devices or playing games by the gesture of their hands and arms. MYO uses Bluetooth to communicate with devices, so you can develop apps or physical objects controlled by MYO.

  • NEST Thermostat

NEST Thermostat is a product connect with your wifi at home to control your AC system. It can control the temperature of your house by the current temperature or by the time. You can also manage your AC system through your phone. Currently, Thermostat opens some APIs for developers, so you can create more interesting apps for Thermostat.