Hi, I’m Steph


Hey there, I’m Steph. I’m a 3rd year BFA student in Fashion Design currently specializing in children’s wear, but I have an interest in lingerie design as well. I am taking this class to broaden my horizons outside the world of fashion and become more familiar with the super interesting world of design and technology. I am very interested in wearables and innovative textiles and feel there is a lot of growth potential for these elements in both children’s or lingerie design. There are certain questions I’d like to focus on and work on this year. As a designer, how can make clothes more comfortable and enjoyable to wear? How can I design something that is interesting and innovative while still being accessible and marketable?


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.49.29 PM

This is the Bionic LED bra by Chromat, an example of fashion and technology being used in lingerie design. Their slogan is “structural experiments for the human body.” (There is a panel this Friday evening featuring this designer and 5 others discussing fashion and technology at Milk Studios if anyone is interested.) I’m very much inspired my Chromat’s experimentation-style design, but would be interested in seeing these designs used for a purpose.