Hi, I’m Lucy


I’m Lucy Morcos. I’m a second year in MFA Design & Technology.  I went to undergrad in Philly for Interactive Design but that’s not important. My interests within this program are in physical computing, code, games, bio, storytelling, illustration, sound design etc. I’m really interested in pursuing product design or something in the physical market, so long as it’s creative and isn’t soul sucking. But we’ll see. On a less serious note I love robots and space. I’m not sure why but it’s often a theme in my work. So yes, some of my favorite movies do include Star Wars and the Iron Giant.

I also hate being called Lucille. I feel like I always need to make sure I say that.

Stuff that inspires me


I’ve decided to include some art that inspired this whole robot ramble. I love to look at art and illustrations, especially colorful ones. For whatever reason they inspire me, even when they aren’t related to my project topic.




(no idea where these exact pictures are on the site, but the artist is Eric Joyner)

Mixed Media

A project I recently found interesting is a mixed media storybook. I’m looking into mixed media for my Thesis project, so this project was especially interesting to me. It is a storybook, and when the pages are flipped, the app communicates with it. I think it opens up a lot of possibilities for children’s storybooks and games. This group also has a few other interesting projects if you want to check them out.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.08.21 AM


I know I have plenty more physical computing projects that I love but I’m completely blanking on it. I’ll come back to edit this when I finally remember some.