Hi, I am Norma

Hello my name is Norma and I am a 2nd year D+T student. I am from Toronto and I have a background in Art & Art History and Visual Communication. My work is in the field of web design and eCommerce (via WordPress & Magento). I am interested in web interaction. I would also love to improve my skills in code.

I visited NYU ITP show in 2013 and I was drawn to Lisa Park‘s “Eunoia” which is translated to “beautiful thinking”. This installation includes 5 circular metal disk on top of a speaker. It is a real-time art piece that collects brain waves from EEG sensor, translating them into vibrations to form patterns from water.

Tools: Processing, Max/MSP, Reaktor, and EEG sensor

“Cloud” is an installation project featured on Nuit Blanche Calgary in Alberta, Canada. The installation contains 5,000 donated light blubs. Each light blub have its own chain to pull the switch on and off. There is no telling how the circuit is wired or which part of the cloud would flicker, turn on, turn off, or burn out. The installation may engage participants or total strangers to interact with another. Each person’s actions have an influence on another.

“Back to the Roots” is a planting kit that is an “closed ecosystem” that allow the user to grow fresh plants while using the waste from the pet fish as fertilizer. “Biome” is a concept by Samuel Wilkinson that is a more complex plant ecosystem that can monitor plant data (such as water, humidity and nutrients) but not automatic. Wilkinson notes on ‘digital downtime’ to find an alternative use that is related to the physical world for smartphone users.




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